What is TRE®?

TRE® is a self-help technique developed by Dr David Berceli that deliberately activates an instinctive tremor mechanism in the body, in a safe and controlled way.  Session by session, these tremors help to release the buildup of  physical tension patterns stored in the body during stressful and traumatic life experiences.

The slight trembling that occurs naturally in life when our nervous system is over-activated has a function – it is our organism’s natural way of bringing the nervous system back into a calm and balanced state (homeostasis). In a crisis nearly everyone has experienced trembling (also during high excitement of the positive sort) but this phenomenon has been often been misunderstood and people have come to associate it with shock or weakness. Shaking is, in fact, a healthy recovery mechanism.

TRE® is designed to be a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used independently as needed throughout one’s life, thereby continuously supporting and promoting personal health and wellness.

The benefits of doing TRE® regularly include:

  • Less worry and anxiety
  • Reduces symptoms of PTSD
  • More energy and endurance
  • Less workplace stress
  • Better sleep
  • Less relationship conflict
  • Reduced muscle and back pain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Greater emotional resiliency
  • Decreases symptoms of vicarious trauma
  • Reduction in impact of old injuries
  • Lessened anxiety surrounding serious illness
  • Relief from chronic medical conditions