About me

My name is Yolande Hung. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its complex workings, and was a Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic massage with acupressure, and bonesetting) practitioner for several years. 

Having been through a traumatic life (from the age of 4 to early teens and then later in adulthood), I’d been holding a lot of my own trauma that started taking its toll. It was through my own TRE® journey that I realised just how profound a release could be and what it took to get there.

I’ve worked as a writer and PR consultant for the last 15 years, and decided a little while ago to get back to where my soul is fed – through helping others. I’ll continue to write and consult, but will spend more time on building a TRE® and fascia release practice.

I combine what I’ve learnt from my Traditional Chinese Medicine experience, fascia training and research, and TRE®, to help those who need fascia release as well as TRE® sessions. I have put together a series of self-help fascia release techniques and am excited to bring those to as many people as would be interested.

My practice is in Hout Bay and I also do online TRE® sessions and fascia alignment consultations and coaching. I do, however, travel to clients’ homes within the southern suburbs and on the Atlantic Seaboard on request.

I can be contacted on 084 2066 493 or yolandehung@gmail.com.

Facebook page: TRE for Change